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BUV-CTCP plate

BUV-CTCP plate

BOCICA thermal BUV-CTCP plate plate takes use of the high-quality aluminum plate with complex grain construction and dense oxidized layer as its substrate which was
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Bocica BUV-CTCP plate plate has realized the traits of consistency,high sensitivity,accurate lattice point and long run impression,which meet the requirements from various platesetters and customers. 

It has the following advantages :
★ Resist Uv-ink
★ Good stability
★ wide processing latitude 
★ Long Run-length
★ Extensive adaptablity; Being adapeted to most of the platesetters , processors and solution

Product BUV-CTCP plate
Thickness 0.15mm,  0.25mm, 0.30mm
color Green & Blue 
Spectral of sensitivity 405nm
Resolution 2~98%@200lpi
Exposure Energy 50~70mJ/cm2
Recommended Developer Bocica BD-UV Liquid, Dynamic supplement 80ml/m2, Static supplement 60ml/h,
Working liquid : 1:3 , replenish : 1:2 
Develop Temperature 24℃-27℃
Develop Time 30±5 Seconds
Impression Run 50,000- 100,0000 copies 
Storage Conditions keep in the dark,cool and dry place ,the temperature of 5-30℃.
Storage Term 18 months
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